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I know a lot of merchants don't want to use bitcoin because it's too volatile. Well don't worry because you can simply receive your money in usd while accepting bitcoins as a method of payment. Coinbase and bitpay have merchant accounts in which you can accept bitcoins, and coinbase or bitpay will instantly convert to the usd amount that the item was priced in (by you) so there's no loss on both sides. Plus, commissions are smaller than trad visa/ma so it's cheaper too.
Saying don't worry to a bunch of people who just been ripped of by paypal isn't very convincing. Paypal also promised us a lot of things like sellers protection and helping us in case of chargebacks.

Maybe if someone, anyone would be able to explain to me what bitcoin in and how it works I would be more inclined to give it a try but to this day I have not received an understandable explanation of that.