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    I provide counseling services through a website called Bitwine. My customers pay me through paypal and purchase certain packages. One customer purchased a $10 30 minute session, after the session she seemed more than happy, a few days later AFTER i had deposited all of my money into my bank account, the charge was reversed and i was negative $30. When i called to find out why i was so negative, the customer service agent simply said, there was a refund requested for the $10 amount, In order to dispute the refund and get the $10 back for you, we charge a $20 fee to help cover costs. THATS RIDICULOUS! ITS ONLY $10!!!!! I eventually "won" the $10 back but had to PAY PAYPAL $20!!!! Its outrageous! They did it without my consent, without ASKING ME what i wanted to do. I would have easily given her back the $10 if it would have saved me $20 in the long run.

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    This is outrageous. I am sad that there is no way to sue that woman who scammed you. PayPal provisions doesn't allow that. I wonder how PayPal suffered $20 cost for covering your $10 refund! That is a plain stupid excuse to steal your money.

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    A $20 fee to get back $10? That is absolutely ridiculous!

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    Okay that math is not adding up. Why would they want $20 to process a dispute of $10? That is so absurd. I think PP should just close down. They do not know what they are doing at all.
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