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Thread: Paypal does not have an online chat option?

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    Too much time would be spent on Live Chat because more people would be inclined to get in contact. They don't have the man power to use online chat + they stick to pretty basic scripts anyway.
    Amazon does.

    If i am not mistaken. eBay/Paypal is a bigger company than Amazon. The fact that they do not have an online chat option is proof that they know their service is crap.

    If they would do a better job. There would not be so many people eager to contact hem. They try their best to limit the ways you can get in to contact with them. When i call they leave me on hold forever.

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    Having performed customer service work in the past it can be extremely difficult to get a supervisor to take a call, especially depending on the company. Customers get very frustrated and rightfully so, which is one reason I think having an online chat option is a definite plus for a company.

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    A reason I've always liked live chat: It's usually a lot faster than having to wait for a line to open up if you're calling. It would be especially true with paypal, considering that phone and email are the only ways to contact them. Even moreso because their CS is so understaffed.

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