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    Default Free online auction marketplace is the only free online auction website that provides a reliable, easy to use service with great search options and earns comparatively good rank overall and with us. is a free marketplace and you will no more be paying the final/listing fees, which means you don't pay anything.

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    It has been over 1 year since the original posting and this site is still active with only 2 items on the entire site that I found. In a perfect world, Free would be wonderful, but do you really think that someone is going to build a functioning auction or marketplace site and pay for marketing and SEO, customer service, updates, etc so the world can reap the benefits? Craiglist sort of has this, but it is primarily for local traffic and they don't offer any payment processing system. You have to deal with the customer directly, where there is no buyer protection (both protection from losing money and from physical harm/assault that is a risk on CL).

    If a site is going to be successful, there has to be fees involved. If a site is boasting about being 100% free, my thinking is: 1- where are the hidden fees? 2- if it is truly 100% free, I'm guessing as soon as I get comfortable, they will start charging fees. 3- I'm sure the site gets very little traffic because it costs thousands of dollars and many hours to market the site and get Google ranked, etc. 4- We have between ebay and amazon approximately 7,000 items listed. If I'm going to list on a new marketplace, there needs to be a bulk import feature because I'm not opening a new store and going through listing them 1 by 1 all over again.

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    It's hard to compete withe Ebay/PayPal/Amazon, but places like ioffer, overstock,com, Etsy and Ubid have made inroads.
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