I am new to this so any help would be welcome.

I have a merchant account in the UK (with Barclays) but I am looking to swap.

I am looking to set up a hassle free Merchant Account/Virtual Terminal to take payments.

The one major thing I am looking to switch for is the holding days Barclays holds my funds (16 days at present).

Somebody advised me of MerchantsInc which looked great BUT I am UK Based.

They offer 2checkout as there International Partner

What I liked about MerchantInc was payments seem to go straight to your your Bank Account, which I am happy with.

In Short I am looking for an account where I can take Card Payments over the phone and have the monies in/my account within a reasonable timeframe.

I also don't mind faxing over documents etc, but with MerchantsInc that seemed it was not necessary.

Also I take payments from the UK, US and Australia so I was looking at MerchantsInc for US payments but when you try and log in here it takes you automatically to 2checkout'but if I use a VPN I could use them but do they require anything like company info? (As I am based in London this would create a Red Flag with them)

Thanks in Advance