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Thread: PayPal's security fails and I have to pay

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    Wait I am a little confused, in your post you said the person that purchased the laptop purchased it with a paypal account and then you said how is it your fault that your account was hacked...which one is it? Whose account was hacked?

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    I'm not quite understanding your post at all.

    You mention that you were the seller, and that the purchaser paid with a hacked account. But then later in your post you mention it was your account that was hacked. Which was it?

    If someone paid you with a hacked account, and you took the money and sent the laptop off to some address - then you should contact the local police department as well as the shipping service to alert them of the problem before it gets into the hands of the thief.

    Although Paypal obviously cannot control what happens to the physical laptop itself in transit, they may be liable for the cost of it since they mistakingly indicated to you that the payment cleared when it shouldn't have. That is, unless they covered their behinds in the terms and conditions.

    I don't get what you mean when you say that your account was hacked as well though.

    Long story short, even if they used a hacked PayPal account to make the payment, and they likely used a shipping address that doesn't belong to them either, they will more than likely try to get the package when it arrives. Some scammers will use the addresses of empty/abandoned houses, for example.

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    Get hold of the address of the buyer and any other info and you have enough cause to register a police complaint. I'd start with that.


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