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Thread: PayPal banned us from selling Cuban coffee

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    Being an American company, Paypal is probably forbidden from supporting the Cuban economy in any way shape or form. Even if the transaction was completely off U.S. soil, the transaction fee went to Paypal. Locally, we can do trade with Cuba, but the cargo ships aren't even supposed to use U.S. docking facilities or water space.

    I think in this case, Paypal probably had no choice but to refuse your business.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DomDom View Post
    Its simply not worth their while. Probably administrative hassle and they simply dont think its worth their while. If you made them millions they would probably find a way
    Does think company enjoy making people's life a misery and at the same time messing up their business, they are making so much money but yet they still find a way to tell their customers what they can and can't do without NOTICE! and that part is important, they never give their customers reasonably notice they just do it.


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