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Thread: PayPal froze my account that had 2,883.25

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    Default PayPal froze my account that had 2,883.25

    They froze my account that had 2,883.25 in it and they at not allowing me to touch any of it and saying they gonna hold it for 180 days till I have touch any of it again for no reason at all ! They said that had to much money coming in and out but. Thought that was the point of paypal in the first place but I guess not. I need help getting my money unfrozen I before me and my new born baby get kicked outta my house on the streets !!

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    Your best bet is to just open a separate merchant account in the meantime. They are awful with that freezing the account thing and you will have to wait the 180 days. Just sign up with a paypal alternative that is a REAL merchant account provider and start doing business that way. You save yourself a lot of stress.


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