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Thread: Froze a Friend's Account

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    Sorry for not getting back to you all sooner. I was in the middle of a move. My friend was in the process of talking to PayPal, but it was proving a lot of hassle. She did not have a lot of time to think about other things as her daughter was moved to ICU. So her friends are managing the spreading of the fundraising. The local paper has covered the story. She hasn't gotten the funds back yet anyway. I'm hoping for her it is fixed soon.

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    Just want to let you know you're a great friend and to keep spreading this information around so your friend's story gets out. It's so utterly wrong of Paypal to do this, and clearly shows that they lack professionalism or any mindfulness at all when assessing accounts. Did they even give a reason for freezing the account? I hope she gets the funds back soon.

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    I'm so sorry about that. If paypal notices that you're receiving regular payments to a personal account then they will freeze it. If you want to receive regular payments then your best bet is to upgrade your personal account to a premier or business account.

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