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Thread: Work Smarter, Not Harder. Calm. Still.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikelouis View Post
    PayPal sometimes can get onto your nerves but that is just the way they are. They has some stupid company policies that we as users fail to read and simply end up on the wrong side of the policies. For that reason is why our accounts get limited that often.
    I agree with this. It is just the way it is. You have to make sure to educate yourself in Paypal's polices. Because they change them all the time without notice.
    It's just business!

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    Quote Originally Posted by elle_kay View Post
    Another good idea is to call back later on to see if you can talk to someone who is more helpful. It's amazing how differently two customer service reps from the same place can handle things.
    I totally agree with you. This has happened to me several times already, (but not with Paypal) and the helpfulness level of 2 customer service reps differ greatly, that I thought that the inefficient one does not deserve to be employed there at all.

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    Yes. Legal action is a must, I have been promoting that in my posts, depending on your country, it must be expensive to get a lawyer but the results are actually good, you can get a lot of money back plus damages.

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