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Thread: EBay is making me responsible for the US mail service

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    Default EBay is making me responsible for the US mail service

    I have been trying with great difficulty to get to the bottom of an Issue I am having with EBAY.

    In december my seller status was revoked due to shipping time frame issues.

    Last december I shipped 35 vintage motorcycle parts throughout the world. It appears that 4 of them took too long to get to the buyers. I sent all the packages on the same day. As we all are aware, shipping takes longer in december due to the high volume of mail.

    When I tried to resolve this issue with ebay's call center, I cannot get a reasonable explanation as to why I am being help responsible for the US mail service.

    In addition the lady on at the call center asked if I was I the hospital in december. As a matter of fact, I was hospitalized in Novemember for a major surgery. She then asked me to forward he my medical records to prove I was in the hospital. This is extremely bizarre and illegal. What do my medical records have to do with the US mail?

    Call center supervisor's name is Sarah. She refused to allow me to escalate this matter.

    Any help with this bizarre case would be greatly appreciated.

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    E-bay is a scam site, stop using their services, they do this to everyone including buyers and sellers alike.


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