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Thread: Receiving payment with Paypal

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    I'm assuming it was the amount they deposit or deduct into your bank account to verify that it's legit. Log into your account and check out your balance. You say it was at zero but it might have changed since then.

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    Even if you have an unverified account on paypal, you can still receive and send payment between different paypal accounts. The only reason you'd want to verify your account is if you want to transfer your paypal balance to your bank or convert it to cash.

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    as soon as you add a bank account to your paypal account, they usually debit a small amount i think $1.95 to your account so i think this is what you received. check the details and if you're not sure you can always call them up.

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    As others have said, when you first sign up for PayPal they will make 2 small deposits into your bank account to check and make sure it is indeed yours. You may also want to check and make sure that you are "verified" through PayPal.

    In my own experience, I made a PayPal before I had an actual bank account. My PayPal account held the money that I had received from doing online things. However, I couldn't seem to buy anything with the money...perhaps because I was not verified? Once I got a bank account I hooked it all up, and haven't had an issue since!

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    PayPal will email you when you receive a payment with the name of the seller and reason. If you don't receive a payment, contact customer service.
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