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Thread: Terminated indefinitely from eBay

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    I've seen too many horror stories, and I've had a few of my own. Every time I get up to $500 in my PayPal account, I transfer it to my bank. The only exception is when my ebay invoice is coming due, I let the balance get up to cover that and transfer anything over that amount. Ebay and amazon will suspend you with no warning and no appeal option, even with perfect feedback and stellar seller performance.

    Due to the insecurity of ebay and amazon, and the endless complaints of similar horror stories, we knew we could do it better. Not bigger, just better. We are still working on it, but you can register and import your ebay listings for free, and get ready for some change for the better! Come on over to [url=]Home[/url] and browse around. Check out the low selling fees and check out the "Why Toucan?" to see what we are working on. Keep in mind it's not done yet, so it's not pretty, but if we are going to make ebay look back, we have to make this big.

    We are going to offer both PayPal and Amazon payments for Payment options. There is no auction feature yet, but it's on the table to add in the near future.

    See you there!

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    Talking Finally!! The best revenge on nasty ebay scam buyers!!!

    I sell on Ebay. I've been scammed by so many nasty-ass buyers.
    They know the game. I've been bullied, scammed, and effed all the way.
    And Ebay does NOT care. They've been trained not to care.
    And you what? It's not just the outsourced foreigners who answer Ebay calls, it's also the Americns (if you can get one on the phone). They are actually even nastier and even more on the buyers' side!!
    I say this from harsh experience.
    There IS a SOLUTION to Nast Buyers and getting the best revenge on them!
    Screw Ebay--you'll never get help there.
    Here's what you do in a few easy and fun steps:

    *This site doesn't let you post their Ebay user name.
    So just post their REAL first and last name.
    *Then, go outside of Ebay.
    Google their name.
    95% of the time, you'll actually dig up a lot about them on the internet, INCLUDING THEIR PICTURE(S).
    Copy and paste their pic(s).
    Copy and paste all info on them--ALL info.
    *Then and ONLY then, call them on the phone (try to block your number--if they don't answer, use an excellent service like It's a great service). Mask your number. Call them. Tell them, very calmly who you are. They'll never prove it, so no worries.
    Calmly explain that if they do NOT remove their negative feedback and/or close their SNAD dispute against you and/or STOP whatever else they're doing, on Ebay, to give you a hard time, THIS VERY MINUTE, then you're going to go to a wonderful site called: and post their full name, pic(s) and everything else that you've gotten on them and tell the world that they're a child molester and so forth.
    Also tell them that you are a legitimate business.
    If they don't immediatly do all that you've already told them to do, then you WILL go outside of Ebay and, as a non-paying customer, report them to all three credit bureaus (see, most of them have perfect credit and HATE being reported).
    Tell them, as a business, you can and WILL mark their account as unpaid, and WILL report their unpaid account to the credit bureaus.
    *Infrom that you will NOT negotiate.
    *Be calm, but very CUT-THROAT. See, these types of people who use Ebay to scam and victimize sellers are real sociopaths.

    Case CLOSED.

    A final win for the sellers against scammers(being Ebay and the heartless buyers who are ruining us).



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