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Thread: PayPal Promise Refund If Items Returned... Then Change Their Minds!

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    I am seriously still surprised at how are they able to get new customers!

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    Default changing their minds

    Yet another story of Paypal living up to their name. You might consider legal action as if this was written in writing that you would get a refund that should be legal proof that would stand up in court. Just keep complaining and phone them up until it is all sorted. Best of luck with it all.

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    That's really odd to hear. I'd gather all the needed data and petition PayPal immediately. If nothing else you should Prussia approach a legal professional and maybe take legal recourse in this matter.

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    You need to call customer support, immediately. They may be able to re-open your case.

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    LOL what? There's no way that's possible. I guess unless you recorded the conversation, they could just outright lie and say they never said that. You should continue bugging paypal about this until they acquiesce.

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