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Thread: Can PayPal take money from my bank account after cancelling the direct debit?

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    Nope, they do not have the authorization to take money from your bank account. That is illegal and they would lose the case if you ever bring it to court. As others have said, your PayPal balance would go negative. The only thing you can do now is to contact PayPal and request their assistance to solve this problem.

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    I think he's lying. Maybe you can tell Paypal that you requested pictures of the damaged item and he refused. I hope that you don't get your money taken from you. It seems Paypal does that a lot though.

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    Whether he's lying or not really doesn't change much. If he ignored the request for pictures and went directly to PayPal I have a feeling he is fully aware that PayPal leans in favour of the buyer. I'm guessing you did not have insurance with the shipping company you sent out with?

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    I don't think they can take money from your bank account. Definitely not after you cancelled the direct debit.

    Keep in mind though that they may send debt collection agencies after you should you fail to pay any amount owed.

    Since you're unemployed it may not be a good idea to get into that kind of trouble as it will give you a poor credit rating and may affect your ability to keep afloat until you find a job.

    As someone pointed out already, do your best to solve it amicably. I know it's hard, paypal always tend to side with the buyer, but it's best to fight for what you know it right than to throw in the towel. That will give paypal good reason to believe you're the one in the wrong.

    Instead of asking for a picture, simply offer the guy a full refund if he returns the item. This way you have the upper hand. He either choses to send it back and you give him the money and sell the gun to someone else, or he keeps it and pays for it.

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    No they shouldn't take the money out after a direct debit is cancelled. If they do, it's easy to get it back. However, why don't you just take the money out of your bank account, maybe put it into a different one?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Delusional View Post
    They can't take it out of your bank account as far as I know.
    I would try to get Paypal to rule in your favor.
    Don't start pulling out because it would seem you are already accepting your defeat.
    agreed, if you end up withdrawing your direct debit they will immediately rule in the other guys favour and send collectors out to you.


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