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Thread: Unable to Change Country Information

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    Quote Originally Posted by autograph View Post
    Hi everyone!
    My horrible story concerning PayPal is our inability to alter the "country" options in the address section. I made my PayPal account when I started my undergraduate studies abroad; so naturally, I put my current address in the place I resided at the time. I put some fund into this account for online shopping.

    Once I finished my studies, I went back to my home country. I found out that I can't change my country when I was shopping online and the delivery address country must match with the PayPal address. I tried updating my address but I was restricted. Oh the horror!

    As of now, I have some fund in PayPal that I might not be able to use for online shopping because I am not allowed to update my country residence.
    Why are you so worried. Simply open a new PayPal account for the country of residence that you are currently residing in, and then transfer all your money to your new PayPal account. Be assured that there are small fees for international PayPal money transfers. I wouldn't delete my old US PayPal account though. It has it's advantages.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Delusional View Post
    This is sad but true. They don't allow this because it would mean people could create an account, move to another country and start transferring funds.
    Did you contact Paypal? I think the only solution is to try to close the account and start a new one.
    Not really. Don't delete the old account. I have two accounts with PayPal: a local one and a US one. Both of them are verified. I don't live in the US by the way. It works. I got info from

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    Quote Originally Posted by CeliVega View Post
    Actually I think the customer service can really help. I got experience dealing with Paypal's customer service before, and sometimes you have to be lucky to get someone to actually know what you are going through and understand your problem. The first time I called them, the operator on the line said my problem can't be solve on phone, and I have to fax some documents, show them some id, etc.

    So I called them a second time to ask about something I forgot to ask in the first place. But this time, a different operator handle my call, and she solved all my problems.

    If it is not too much trouble, perhaps you can try calling them again? Maybe this time you will get a much helpful operator on the phone.
    Yes, customer care will help. I've actually called them to ask them why I couldn't change my country of residence and they led me to know that it's against policies. They just said to create a new account. Simple!

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    I had the same problem. I just when ahead and started a new account. Now I got an account for when I am overseas and when I am in America.

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    Hi everyone, thanks for your kind replies. I have contacted them again and they basically suggest me to create a new account. I signed up for a new account and have the money from old account transferred to the new one. Problem solved! Thanks guys

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    This is normal, just contact PayPal and they'll get it sorted out. They might ask you for proof of residence in a new country though to make sure you're not trying to say you're in a different country when you're not.


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