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Thread: Calling paypal made everything worse

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    Quote Originally Posted by basmae View Post
    I also don't understand why they charged you. I don't recall ever having to pay them anything other than the average transaction fee. I feel for you though and hope you get this problem sorted.
    Please read other peoples posts (mine) before replying. I clearly just proved the reason it happened which is completely legitimate.

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    Default Paypal is poor

    Every telephone encounter I have had with paypals poor excuse for customer services results in the same way. They try to fob me off then when they realise that hasn't worked they say they will give me a call back that never comes. Then they get cock, U scream at them and hang up. Nothing is resolved.

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    It is credited back to you, although I'm not sure why it is such a high amount. As long as it comes back to you then I don't see the issue. Sorry you are having trouble, Paypal simply sucks in general, you nailed that right on the nose.


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