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Thread: How do I get my money back from shady seller?

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    Unfortunately Paypal never gets involved in the customer relations and issues with ebay sellers and their customers, so I don't think you will get you're money back.

    I'm sorry to bring bad news, but that is really all that will happen, you can try to contact PayPal and get assistance but most likely they will offer no solution at all to the issues, you guys are having at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OhioTom76 View Post
    When you mention that they are claiming you "took too long", how long are we talking here? A few days? A few weeks? A few months? If it was several weeks or months before you finally got back to them, I could see where they are skeptical.

    I think the average consumer would have been calling them immediately that day to make arrangements to resolve this. The longer it went on the more likely the consumer was perhaps pulling some sort of scam themselves. It's just as plausible for a consumer to complain they got a fake phone and swap it out with the real one they received, then ship the fake one back.
    The problem is that OP returned the documents and proof in the correct amount of time and Paypal wasted additional time by asking OP to reword and resubmit the documents. So the OP "took too long" because Paypal delayed and stalled by asking documents to be resubmitted.

    But I see your point too, because I've had a buyer on Listia try to complain about an item 2 months after receiving it and Listia shut them down.
    If something is wrong with an item, the buyer knows it immediately, so complaining after 2 months set off alarm bells.

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    If you bought it on ebay then you should be contacting ebay not paypal. I think ebay has some sort of protection plan if you used a credit card. Good luck.

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    Generally in my experience with shady sellers, I haven't gotten my money back at all, even after contacting paypal =\


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