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Thread: Paypal gave away my item for free

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    Do keep contacting the buyer about this. How did Paypal react to the e-mail from the buyer stating they were happy with the product? If the circumstances are that the buyer was committing fraud or worse yet it's a matter of identity theft, it is imperative to keep the address and all related information.

    Wishing the best of luck to you on this matter, hope you get those extensions or the cost of them back.

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    My advice to all paypal users is always send something you sold via some type of certified mail or fed ex and require a signature. I don't care what the cost of the item..I have required a signature for a book I sold for $5- money is money- and im not in the business of losing it.

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    Sad to hear this man, PayPal is risky like this and it can be very hard to win the chargebacks. You should have checked the address's and contact customer support!

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    Only things I can suggest is to show Paypal the e-mail, hopefully you can learn from this though. Paypal always cares about the buyer more than the seller. I wish you luck in getting your hair extensions back. Like some of the other users have said, maybe having buyers sign for the product could help prove your innocence, other than that I'm out of ideas, sorry.

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    Unbelievable. This is why I don't use PayPal for ANY sales whatsoever. I think that it is an absolute atrocity when they allow buyers to get away with this kind of stuff.
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