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Thread: Paypal not accepting my VISA

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    Quote Originally Posted by Delusional View Post
    This is normal. Some issuers are not accepted as cards. The only thing you can do is get another card and preferable at another bank.
    It could also possible that you just filled it in wrong.
    This could be true also. Did you ever contact paypal though and find out why though?

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    Try another card. I don't know why, but those kind of issues happen sometimes. In my experience. That problem is usually solved by using another credit card. If you don't have another credit card you can buy a prepaid debit card from Walmart, and use that
    It's just business!

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    First thing I would do would be contacting the card issuer and see if it's anything on their side.

    If that doesn't solve it, make sure you're not using a pre-paid card, as there hare literally hundreds of pre-paid card providers and paypal doesn't really like that kind of card. I tried adding some pre-paid cards in the past and they would be declined. Eventually added my normal card and everything went through.

    If all else fails simply give them a ring. Their customer supports is rubbish, but phone is probably the least useless method of contact.

    Alternatively you can register your bank account with them and use the direct debit facility. I wouldn't recommend this one unless you are really desperate though, as it creates a direct link between your paypal and your bank account.


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