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Thread: So tired of their bad service

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    Quote Originally Posted by ProXI11 View Post
    I have had A number of issues with PayPal, poor communication, limited help if problem is outside of the 2 basic parameters, tied in with e-Bay so if you fall out with one you fall out with the other. They pretty much got you by the balls and not a damn thing you can do about it.
    Yeah, actually it is rather annoying to be experiencing a lot of issues with Paypal. However, in my case, I really need that service for many things and honestly, I do not see any other alternative to it. So I guess I would need to bear with it in the meantime and just keep on raising my concerns to them, with the hope that they will improve eventually.

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    Exclamation Holding funds

    Quote Originally Posted by sillylucy View Post
    I think the thing that gets me the most is the way they hold our funds in limbo for days. Limitations on account and 3 day transfers. I want to know what they are doing with our money during that time. So shady.
    From what I can tell they do nothing with our money they just allow to sit in the account and build them interest.
    I agree its totally shady and unecessary but in my experience unfortunately there does not seem to be much that can be done about it.

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    Question Paypal issues

    I had numerous amount of issues with PayPal. Don't get me completely wrong here I love the service in which they offer to people it is very sufficient. However sufficient and efficient are very different and although Paypal is sufficient it is definitely not efficient. It has many problems like the main issue I have with it is not getting my payments made out to me by many online jobs in which I do. I contact customer service countless of times just to get told there's nothing they can do about it. They have very poor customer service, and sometimes a very poor system. They really need to get their stuff together because they are looked at as a very accredited business, and then to try it and find out that's not really the case isn't good for them at all. I'm tired of it, they need to get it together!.

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    Sadly many people have been through the same problems you have had but it is time for you check out an alternative for PayPal if you feel this can not continue anymore. That is what I would do if it was me.
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    The service isn't as bad anymore as it used to be. The wait time has also gotten WAY better. I remember the last time I called it was a 10 minute wait. Years ago, that would have been 2 hours.
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