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Thread: Ebay and Paypal Alternatives?

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    I'm sure there are other alternatives, but I prefer using PayPal. I know a lot of people here dislike it, but I don't do big payments and just use it for personal things.

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    Well there is Amazon. Amazon is good for buying stuff. There are stuff that are more expensive on Amazon than on ebay, but I never had problems with Amazon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by karmaskeeper View Post
    Has anyone ever used AlertPay as an alternative to PayPal? If so what was your experience with them and would you recommend them to others. I have thought about opening an account with them would like feedback please thank you.
    I have used Alertpay (now known as Payza) for international transactions for a couple of times. It seems to work. The account set-up wen smoothly and money arrived to the receiver on time. It was a bank transfer and took around 3 business days.
    On my page i use Paysera services. I don't know whether it is the best option for your region though. They provide quite good conditions for those who are in Europe.

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    There's a new online marketplace site that is in the workings. It's owned by Mark Lore who started and sold and to Amazon. I signed up but they're not up and running yet. They're offering a 6 months free membership for people who sign up before they launch. I'm hoping that there will be a niche in this new site for me to recover my losses instigated by Ebay. It's worth it to sign up because it doesn't cost anything and membership will be free for 6 months to those who sign up before they officially launch. They have almost 150,000 members already and they haven't even started up so there will be a very good customer base to begin with.

    When you click the link and get to the page, scroll down to enter your email address and you'll get your free 6 month membership.


    I really don't know what type of payment method they will use but, hopefully, it will have nothing to do with PayPal or Amazon as I am sick of both these services.
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    AlertPay good alternative.

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    eBay was never my issue, it was always Paypal who screwed me. Once you get away from paypal you will see that selling on ebay isn't all that bad. I have a merchant account that is eBay approved so ebay has no way of accessing my money. Hopefully with the divorce of ebay and paypal there will be even more options available that are ebay approved.


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