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Thread: Fastest way to get $ out of your PayPal account?

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    The debit card is a great option if you aren't in trouble with PayPal. If you are, buy a Vanilla gift card ASAP and get it sent FAST!
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    PayPal debit card works I think. But I am not sure about it. Withdrawal to bank account usually takes 1 or 2 days. Or else you can try merchant account. They provide some extra benefits to those who hold merchant accounts. But I am not sure about it. You can always call a PayPal representative to ask about this.

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    spending it online is probably the fastest way, but if you don't want to spend it, you can always send it to your bank account. takes about two days.

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    By using the PayPal debit card you can transfer your money from your account to the card instantly. I think it is the only fast transfer that I know other will take up to 5 days to make it happen.
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    Can anyone link me to a site in the UK where I can buy a Vanilla gift card , I'm looking through google but all I'm finding are sites for people who already have one and are looking to register it , I cant seem to find where to buy one in the first place ?

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    Those Vanilla visa's can only be bought in stores at certain retail outlets. If you know someone that can get them for you, that would be a good way to go. As far as buying them online, we do not know of any.


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