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Thread: Payoneer vs. Paypal

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    Unfortunately I think that you have to choose the lesser of two evils; I have heard that Payoneer can be just as bad as PayPal.

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    Default True Alternative?

    There really isn't a main-stream alternative, and that's an issue. Until there is a PayPal alternative that's accepted everywhere, including places like Amazon, PayPal will continue to control the market and its customers. There is no incentive for PayPal to cater to customer concerns, because there is no legitimate competition.

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    Payoneer is not really an alternative to PayPal, but as said before it can the lesser of both evils. But not by that much. I haven't personally used it but many of my friends uses it and from what I heard it isn't all that great. The main cons would be that it is not accepted in many places, the support is lacking and there have been issues of missing funds. So until another payment processor becomes as popular as PayPal there actually is no competition.

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    Quote Originally Posted by plus1 View Post
    Since I have already experienced the frustrations of being a subject of Paypal "nightmare" limitations, I do not wish to repeat the same mistake over again. Just imagine what I have been through, I can't withdraw my money during my most desperate times. I've cursed both Paypal and my stupidity.

    Piece of advice...

    Do not ever be contented with one service. Diversify. I am considering now having a Payoneer and alertpay accounts, since I am affiliated with some sites that accept these websites as an alternative to Paypal. If you have experience with them, please share it here for the others to review and consider.
    I have checked out this Payoneer website and I immediately contacted the help desk just to ask a few questions and see how they were, due to my bad experiences with Paypals customer service representatives, I was really pleasantly surprised after chatting with them and they answered all my questions and in a friendly and helpful manner, they are truly brilliant.

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    I'm also a bit concerned about the security of other sites similar to PayPal. i'm actually thinking if there is any service out there that's not bound to give you headaches. If you just wish to have a backup, I guess that's fine. But is there really something that's better out there?


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