My first thought to Paypal Customer Service is that, they totally "mechanical." I wondered at first if there are really human who are reading my emails out there since their replies were totally the same with no hint of human compassion. Until I give up explaining and saying for them to downgrade my account. They requested me to upload pictures of receipts to continue. I gave up on contacting them and explaining and do exactly what they say, I have uploaded a picture but it is not exactly what they are requesting. Guess what I uploaded? It is the screenshot of my email explaining my side and that I don't have receipts since the business name is not yet registered.

After 24 hours, my account is back to normal.

To those who have limited account, just do what they say on their email and be creative on how you reach them. If you have not the required information, just provide one that explains you don't have it. Until you do not do the steps they provided, human customer service will not review your account.