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Thread: Cant access account

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    trex Guest

    Default Cant access account

    Months ago it became impossible for me to access my PayPal account. There had been no problems before that time. My account was in good standing. I have emailed and talked with customer service representatives. No one has been able to help and all have claimed that my account is closed and that I should be able to open a new account. When I try to open a new one, I go in circles with "already exists" and then "no such email"

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    MargretPak Guest


    I have a pay pal account but I can't get to it. I appreciate the security I guess, but I have a new e-mail address, the old one does not exist anymore. I can't change the address on the account because I can't log in. I can't log in because I don't have the old pass code. I can't get a new pass word because they keep sending it to an address that does not exist and not one single person over at paypal knows how to help me.

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    packman Guest


    Just give up, if it is this hard to access your account how hard do you think it is going to be to get your money?? Impossible. Because paypal needs your money to earn interest on so don't count on getting your money for at least 180 days. They are the worlds largest legit scam.

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    MaryAlice_78 Guest


    set up account and cant log in have reset password more then once, cant get a person on the phone that can do anything helpful might as well talk to the wall!!

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    LorettaLewis Guest


    When I tried to set up my paypal account everything went well until I wanted to use it. I had a notice that my account was limited because according to Paypal I had another account with them (not true) that owed money. This was my first encounter with paypal and my last. I don't owe them anything and never have and I will not stand being accused of such. I am a hard working honest person.

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    Andi Guest


    I absolutely cannot get anywhere with paypal...i cant login to the stupid site...keeps asking for full acct number to which I eneter to no avail....try getting soemone to help ??? Impossible...cant call anyone at all...Im fed up and want my acct deleted and I cant even do that !!!!

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    Sienna Guest


    I had not used my paypal account for over 2 years.
    i had forgotton my password so needed to verify the atm card number from 2 years ago.
    I had changed banks completely not to mention destroyed that card so how i could verify what was on it beats me???
    Needless to say i was locked out of my account with funds available in there.
    Finally got this issue resolved but with a heck of a lot of cussing and tears and speaking to over 15 different people at paypal

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    Unregistered Guest


    for 2 days I have been trying to log in to my pp acc and I can't no matter what I do or how mant times I call Paypal. They have promised me that the problem is fixed about 10 times over the phone and each time I have the same problem. I have not made any changes to my account or forgotten my password or email address so It's nothing I have done. How do I fix this because I am starting to realize that paypal is not going to be any help with this. Nothing but a bunch of fucktards over there wasting peoples time and money

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    jayden Guest


    I have had problems logging in to paypal since day 1 and to this day it's still a hassle. I put in the right password and get the same message every fricken time.

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    veronica Guest


    I have tried all night to log in. For three years I never had any problems, but today, all day long and night, I can not log in. I try to call them, and they make me log in to call, well, I CAN'T LOG IN.... SO I CAN'T CALL. I don't know if I have any money and if so, I can't get it. This has only happened since EBay bought them out. At least this has only happened to me since then.


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