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Thread: Scammer alert! Christopher D'Angelo

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    If the company is not well known, you should always Google them or look them up on the BBB. You can't imagine what you can find about a company on the BBB, it is a great tool. Looking for reviews of the company is a good start too.

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    Thanks for sharing am sure there was a person who was about to fall for this scam. I am always pretty careful before paying for any service. Especially if it is a work at home job never pay for it.
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    Thanks for the heads up! I have been scammed a few times by people who collect the money via PayPal. I think it would be a great idea if we started a list of people who have scammed us!

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    Are there any sites that specialize in logging people's experiences with scammers? It could helpful to search individuals in such a database before doing business with them. I'm reluctant to deal with people personally online in general when it comes to payments, too many scammers out there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kandikkal View Post
    I think you got scammed bad. You dealt with a guy on "hack forums" named "Fukc". What makes you think he is Christopher? May be this guy was impersonating the real Christopher. You can't be sure about it. Anyway this is a warning for others to not to do business with shady people.
    Yeah, I think the username and the fact that he was on a hacker forum should have been OPs first clues that he wasn't dealing with an upstanding pillar of society.

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    I'm sorry to hear about your experience. Just a word of advice you must always google, or forum search someone from ebay or any other site in which you are buying or offering services. If they ask you for money right away, you know their not true businesses.

    Also it was apparent he wasn't truthful because you were offering a service, how could you get scammed offering the service?.


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