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Thread: Scammer alert! Travian Games GmbH

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    There should be a ratings and maybe even a blacklist system for this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Takedon View Post
    Thank you for the advice. Something similar happened to me last year when I got a virus from a website and it drained my pp account but because it was all my fault they didn't give me my money back which I understand.
    That's ruthless. How is getting your computer infected with a virus your fault?
    Maybe you went to a questionable website but it's weird that Paypal would side with a hacker who gave you a virus and stole your money.
    That's like saying that it's your fault you got mugged because you went to a sketchy neighborhood.

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    Well be thankful you got your money back at least, you really dodged a bullet there. Paypal really does need some kind of rating system or way to determine buyer integrity, even ebay has that for crying out loud.

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    Did anything ever happen to this guy? I hope the feds arrest him for scamming people. Online crime is growing more and more rapidly.
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    PayPal does screw things up a lot but in this case it sounds like maybe someone has been able to access your account. You should check your account and change your password before your bank account is hacked.


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