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Thread: Any Sites Exactly Like Ebay?

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    ANY NEW thoughts? July is finally here. Have tried craigslist with few success, guess its random.

    Craigslist (Saw mostly electronics and tickets go there, good for local)
    Gametz (for various but mostly gaming),Gamegavel (guy sold his full game collection there)
    Dealdash,Newegg, Ecrater and Bonanza (DONT KNOW Havent tried any)
    Play Trade Rakuten auctions ( and CQOUT (Read good reviews but haven't personally tried)
    Ioffer (looks similar to ebay in format, but just heard they terminate people after claims of VERO and Copyright nonsense, despite sending proof to owners, so I guess Gift cards, vouchers and movie posters are risky there )
    Amazon havent tried but heard fees HI
    Ebay use to be good in the 90s but not anymore
    Etsy and Craftsy (Heard good things but mainly for Art and handmade)
    Fiverr (Just heard its for services)
    Listia (for no success items you want to just get rid)
    quote >> Alibaba will not be an ebay alternative for selling since it is a wholesale marketplace, also heard its china cheap goods <<
    Maybe will sell my movie posters on ALIEXPRESS since its the single item version of Alibaba
    (Invite only retail site: 11 Main don't know yet)
    Finally listing on Random Forums buy sell trade page (will maybe get some items sold)

    Also let me know which one to sign up for Google wallet, Merchantinc or other?

    PS I sell just about everything brand new:Tons of movie posters, movie memorabilia, Memorabilia tote bags (Such as the limited edition Emmy awards and kenneth cole), Caps, Autentic fragrances (mostly brand name),mens ties, jewelry (mostly Swarovski crystals), brand new cosmetics & lotions, handmade paper, mostly sealed music cds and dvds, few electronics such as mp3 player and electric hair dryer. (I use to use ebay to offer gift cards, gift certificates and travel coupons, but they limit and flags those now.. such a headache need alternative..)

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    If you haven never SOLD on amazon, most people would think amazon is the cat's meow. Similar to ebay, they always side with the buyer, regardless of how ridiculous the case might be. As a buyer, you can do just about anything and say just about anything and it must be true because you said it. As a seller, they don't care about you or what you have to say. We have been selling on amazon for almost 5 years and we've got some doozie horror stories. We give up about $25,000 per year in seller fees and if a customer files a claim for $30 (unjustly), amazon will immediately refund their money and take it from the seller (us). Of course it makes amazon look wonderful, but it comes down to stealing from someone and giving it to the needy. They think you are a genuinely good person. Maybe they wouldn't even take it if they knew it was stolen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pr0xx1d View Post
    The best thing you can do is to just do your best to safeguard against eBay and Paypal's bullshit. They are the top two online sales (other than Amazon). You're going to have a very hard time getting what you need otherwise. You CAN make it nearly impossible for yourself to get screwed, though, turning the joke around on them.
    I think PayPal is getting tired of Ebay always wanting to collect fees that amount to cheating the customer.I closed my pay off to Ebay.At first I spoke with a Represenative at Pay Pal and she told me if there was an open case against me for Payment to Ebay that I couldn't close it out.Like hell I couldn't.Within minutes of getting off the phone from that horrible Rep.Pay Pal told me I could close any payments off to Ebay.I think Paypal realizes they could lose Business if they try to force you to keep a pay line open.

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