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Thread: Is anyone using Craigslist as an alternative to Ebay?

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    l've looked at Craigslist and tried it and the only problem for me is the location, if l was living in London l'd probably be ok but it's quiet where l live so l have not been able to make any money from Craigslist. l won't give up but l can't go over the top with no results l'm afraid to say.

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    They're too different to use one over the other as a substitute. Ebay's main attraction is the use of bidding. There's no such thing on Craigslist. Plus, ebay sucks for subletting. Might as well just use both.

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    craigslist is not safe. there is no system in place to ensure no party tricks the other. you are also not protected from rogue sellers. however people do use it.

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    I would rather stick to ebay rather than using craigslist. I know how people get scammed so easily and it can not be easily refunded.
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    I have used Craigslist only a handful of times. I used it once over the summer to sell some amusement park tickets. The man who purchased them off of me was from out of state, and unfortunately we had to go through PayPal as a means of payment & then I shipped them off to him. Either way; the transaction went smoothly & we were both satisfied.

    For my buying needs; I have only ever used it once about a week ago. I purchased Megabus tickets from someone (they were more than half off; and I needed them!!). I paid him through PopMoney (money transfer system using PNC Bank). That transaction was also flawless & I would totally do it again!

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    Maybe in the states it is good but as for people out of the country Ebay is all we got.

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