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Thread: Q. about verifying account.

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    As far as I know they don't actually put a time limit to verify your account, even after they send you the code. What they do take note of is you are only given three chances to input the correct verification code. And then there's the problem with the verification code. You don't actually get the code easily and you have to wait for it to appear on your card statement.

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    I've also had similar issues, when trying to verify my Paypal account, It asks for the Card number and code, once I've typed this into the space, I receive a message telling me that Paypal can't sort the request at this moment in time.

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    And I noticed that the moment they sent you the code, you can't do any other transactions until you actually verify your account by entering the correct codes. So for new account, I suggest everyone to sort everything out and confirm your account is properly verified before you start any kind of transaction with your account.


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