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Thread: gambling/paypal/negative balance

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    Damn that's very dodgy... PayPal really shouldn't do that to and I'm having trouble understanding how they would even do that.

    I personally don't gamble, you lost like 600 gambling.. what a waste of money man

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    I'm sorry about what happened to your brother, I also know what it feels like to lose a sibling but gambling shouldn't be an outlet for grief.

    On topic, it isn't right you went into the negative, I feel as if there should be an option to enable that and that it should be disabled by default, Paypal has gotten worse than it has been for a long while, its ridiculous. Try contacting customer service but I can't really think of any way out of this, best of luck man.

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    I had the happen to me once. I ended up paying off the negative balance to get my account back, but that really seems unfair.

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    Thanks for sharing the story man. I am happy your back in control of your life.

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    As much as I hate paypal, I don't really see how you can think of what you did as doing the right thing.

    The reason why paypal give you the money 'upfront' is that upon registration/verification they will setup a direct debit for you, which you should be aware of if you actually read their T's and C's.

    I am not judging you for what you did, especially because you were stricken with grief and probably not thinking rationally, but saying it was the right thing to do sounds like you are trying to justify it to yourself more than anything else.

    Good thing they didn't send collection agencies after you, but this whole thing is likely to have negatively affected your credit score. Then again, credit scores are over rated nowadays.


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