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    So without going into details screwed up spent more money than what i should of start of the year, overdrew the bank account so much that the bank refused to let them post any more transactions , so my account went south fast but only in reality about $300 I owed paypal , I owed my bank about $800, well my bank issue is done and over with and still owe paypal but they are saying i owe them over $1000, well after trying to get them to see that I was right I gave up with them, and just let them keep calling me, and wait for a real debt collector contact me because I am going to verify the debt but it has been well over 6 months and I made a little effort to pay them back but if anything only maybe $100. But oh well I say bring it on. But now I can not even login into my account seems to be deleted

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    Don't pay them back a dime more then what you owe. I would say don't pay them back at all. Screw them the way they screw all their users. Requesting to have the debt verifies is the absolute best thing you can do, it will most likely just get sold for even less to a different collection agency and then do the same thing again until your debt becomes worthless.

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    Well not paying them back at all will just mess up your credit score, and that will cause paypal to have the last laugh. I'd suggest, paying back what you owe and keep trying to convince them that what you say is true, is in fact the truth, even if you have to threaten them with legal action, that should get them to back down a little...

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    Whatever you do, don't pay them a single dime. Usually when a company sends cases over to collections the collections company will be tacking on their fees. As someone who has dealt with a frivolous collections claim against me, I can tell you that they could be horrible people.

    If you are talking to them over the phone...

    - Don't give them any of your information that they don't already have.

    - Don't use the word YES at any point as I've heard some shady collections services have been known to edit recordings together to try to make it look like you are admitting to the charges.

    - Don't expect that any information the claims person gives you or tries to pressure you with is true.

    - Do contact a lawyer (especially for any large claims). Sometimes you can just have the lawyer write up a formal letter stipulating that you disagree with the claim, and that you will not pay for it. This is usually enough for the collections services to leave you alone.

    The last one about getting a lawyer worked for me. I had my family lawyer write up a formal document, had it notarized, and sent it in via registered mail so that they can't claim they never received it. The calls stopped coming in, and they never contacted me again!

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    I think they shut you out. The good thing here is I doubt they would send a debt collector, bad thing is you seem to be banned from paypal for the rest of your life. Not sure though, anyway at least they did not harass you and send you threats and notes, etc.

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    Ok some time has flown by, Paypal sent my debt to a collection agency , I had just dealt with this agency with a bank account issue , but now I get a Phone call from them explaining they were sent by paypal to collect $1000 something and after doing my homework I request that they verify my debt, and not to contact me til they do. Well that was over 3 months ago. My account info they had sent me to "pay" the debt does not work. So I am sitting here wondering what the hell happened. Could of paypal realized they screwed up and stopped chasing such a small amount? ( I doubt) But I know they are wasting days away even though the SOL is 5 Years here in IL but, each day brings me a day closer.

    And to go into more detail

    I NEVER had an actual credit card with paypal.

    It was a charge card that would take the money from my paypal bal. or take 2 days to withdraw from my bank account or a day if i withdrew money from their card.

    Nothing can be reported to my credit, nor Chexsystems.

    My paypal account has been banned forever but I have made a few otherones to make a couple quick purchases.

    But has anyone else had something like this happen.


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