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Thread: Stealthing With A Merchant Account

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    Default Stealthing With A Merchant Account

    I'm in the process of recovering from an EBay suspension. I was a Powerseller for over 7 years and they cut me off for 6 low DSRs in a month's time. I'm learning the ropes of going stealth and plan on operating a couple of accounts. However, because of the whole 200 item/20K limit for taxes Im planning on going with a merchant account to save me the hassle of a dozen PayPal accounts.

    My question is, what's the process of linking my merchant account thru the eBay gateway? Won't they be able to link me through my SSN? I'll be using a variation of my first & middle names with the same last name, so will this expose me during the process? I've read where eBay asks for documents from your merchant account, and that will obviously have my altered name. The address & everything else will be different, tho.

    If anyone could provide some info on going stealth with a merchant account, it would be truly helpful. Thanks!

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    Default ebay cant access any of your merchant account info

    if you are going to be selling on ebay with a merchant account you will need the payment gateway as well. Most merchant account companies will provide you with both when you sign up and you will have to make sure the payment gateway is compatible with eBay ( if one company that offers this at a reasonable price)
    Your merchant account company will not share ANY of your personal information with ebay so no need to start dabbling with stealth accounts.
    The only think you need to link your merchant account/payment gateway to ebay is a transaction key and API log in that you will receive once your merchant account is approved and this is provided by the payment gateway. This is the only information that ebay will have from you.

    Ebay does not have any access to your merchant account/funds and are unable to issue refunds from your account or freeze it. Ebay can not access your money in any way. This is why it is so much to have a merchant account when selling on eBay rather then dealing with ebay's evil twin paypal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yman173 View Post

    My question is, what's the process of linking my merchant account thru the eBay gateway?
    This is how you link your merchant account/payment gateway to ebay

    [url=]Selecting your payment preferences[/url]

    To set up your payment gateway on eBay checkout:
    Click My eBay at the top of most eBay pages. You may need to sign in.
    Place your pointer over the Account tab, and then click Site Preferences.
    In the Selling Preferences section, click the Show link next to Payment from buyers.
    Click the Edit link.
    On the Payment Preferences page, select Accept credit or debit card payments to your Internet merchant account.
    Next, you'll need to enter your payment gateway information.

    Note: If you need help finding any of this information, please contact your payment gateway provider.

    To enter your payment gateway information:
    Choose your payment gateway provider from the drop-down menu at the top of the page.
    Enter your Merchant login (sometimes called "gateway login" or "API login ID"). This is the ID that identifies your account at the gateway for transaction processing.
    Note: This ID is usually different from the user ID you use to log into your gateway's website.
    Enter your Password (sometimes called the "password" or "transaction key").
    Note: Usually, this is a password that was generated by the payment gateway for you, not a password that you created.
    Depending on the payment gateway you use, you may need to enter a Vendor ID or User ID.
    Depending on the payment gateway you use, you may need to enter a Partner ID.
    Select the credit cards you'll accept through this payment gateway.
    Select your merchant preferences, such as whether you'll require buyer's credit cards to pass Address Verification (AVS) and Card Security Code (CSX/CVV) checks.
    Enter the credit card information for a credit card you accept and that's accepted by your gateway. Note: Your credit card won't be charged. We use this information to test that everything works correctly.
    Review your information and confirm it is correct.
    Click the Submit button.

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    If every seller on eBay used a merchant account instead of paypal there would be no corrupt buyers/scammers. They can only get asay with that shit because paypal allowed it, whole different story with merchant accounts.

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    Thank you for the info, everyone.

    I read in virtually every stealth guide and/or forum that I needed to fax in paperwork to Ebay with a Merchant Account Statement and that doing so would expose all sorts of information, including info from my banned account. Apparently Ive been reading outdated information, which is what I sort of thought since the posts were 2-4 years old.

    Ill be setting this up for myself just after the holidays. Thanks again for the help!

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    Good luck man. You will find eBay to be much better when you get away from Paypal. And you Never have to provide any of your private merchant account info to eBay. If they for any reason would ask for a merchant account statement you can provide that with only your merchant account number showing and the rest of your info blacked out.


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