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Thread: how to withdraw money

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    Quote Originally Posted by warmweatherwoman View Post
    So let me make sure I understand this correctly. You have miraculously found the secret to getting rich on the internet and apparently your so rich that you can just let $75,000 just sit in your paypal account.

    Oh AND all the while you were accumulating this sum of never occurred to you to find out how to withdraw it?

    I would of been withdrawing it with every transaction - especially since each of yours seem to be made at a huge dollar amount.

    It's as simple as connecting your bank account or signing up for their debit need to do one or the other ASAP IF this post is real
    You and I are thinking the same thing pal. This thread's details seem highly exaggerated, though it could still be genuine. Just link a bank account to your paypal account. If you don't know how to do it, give Paypal a call.

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    Add a bank, that's a big amount of money. Just get a bank account.

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    I'm starting to believe that post was a fake. Who has that much money sitting in Paypal? Why not put it in your bank and use it. Who doesn't need $75K and why complain about it here? You would think they would take it to their lawyer.


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