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Thread: they don't even pretend to care when you call.

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    Gloria Guest

    Default they don't even pretend to care when you call.

    I have a permanent limitation on my paypal account. I have called customer service as to why my account was limited and they accused me of having multiple accounts when I did no such thing. After many transferred calls, I asked if it was possible to appeal and lift. They say they would try. In less than 5 hours, they sent me an email saying it was denied. Their customer service is horrible and are not flexible in their service at all. Because of the permanent limitation, I no longer am able to buy from online that requires payment via paypal.

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    Unregistered Guest


    I have my account froze a couple years back and took a while to get it figured out. I had ebay blaming pay pal and I had pay pal blaming ebay. I asked for a 3 way phone conversation after 2 months to figure the mess out and what I was told was it a mistake and it was left at that. after about 2 weeks after my account was unfroze and problem free since... but how many complaints do you get about ebay and the advice they give to the customer just to have another ebay employee over ride what they said?

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    Unregistered Guest


    They shut down my account for no reason ask me to send all kinds of stuff to verify my account I sent them all they ask this taking three weeks to satisfy them low and behold they closed my account locking down thousands of dollars for 180 days for no reason I have done nothing wrong but follow there guidelines I am amazed. I have tried to reason with them and get some kind of explanation but nothing.....they are rude on the phone or reading from a script or just hang up on me. And forget ever getting anything but an automated email reply from paypal.

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    Camille Guest


    i bought a pay pal and tried to register it but they keep saying there's a problem so i call their number and try to talk to 10 of their representatives because they keep pass the buck, know one seems to know how the card works so now i,m stuck with a card that i can,t register.

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    Lordoftheward Guest


    If you call them u are listening to a tape no one on the other end it's the worst company i have dealt with. Do not use Paypal it is crap

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    Unregistered Guest


    Paypal has the absolute worst customer service...if you want to call it that...both paypal and ebay do not support sellers.....they will for now reason or out of the blue terminate your account forever and freeze your funds.

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    opened up account, all went well, then acccount could not process, I tried to fix it, could not,contacted Paypal who could not, account is currently frozen and I can't get anyone to help me

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Paypal - Awful

    I have a PayPal account in the UK. I dont use that that much. There is no money in held in my account, used for purchases only.

    On 1st Nov I went to purchase from a vendor, I have used him before, he is extremely trustworthy only to find out that my account is limited!?

    I telephoned the next day to find out from a self-opinionated male that apparently I had tried logging in from a country that they had banned and that they had emailed me on the 28th October. He would not accept that I hadnt received this email said I was a liar. he then goes on to say that this event happened 6 months ago and then in another sentence says that it was the other week!?

    He then says that 6 months ago they had asked for proof of who I am, now I do remember this email and sent the requested information. I know they received this as a previous block had been removed. So why again ask for it???

    I informed him that as they already had this information, copy of passport and utility bill, I would not be sending again. He then says, and this is what I find totally outrageous and unprofessional "Well you cant use your card anywhere again as I've blocked it, try and use it and I will have you arrested - HAHA"

    Can I complain to the Ombudsman?

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    Unregistered Guest


    I don't really understand what happen; all i know that paypal said i didn't comply with some responds they sent and now my account is limited: i cant even purchase anything off line. Its driving me crazy even though i called to verify and faxed my information in they still tell me my account will be limited forever!!!! how crazy is that. I have so many questions and paypal has yet to produced one answer. They definitely need some better policy especially when identity theft is so frequent. I'm a online shopper and now my shopping habits is at a stand still because everybody use and trust paypal. this situation is making me miserable and angry.


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