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Thread: Negative PayPal accounts

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    Quote Originally Posted by Delusional View Post
    One way or another, they will come for the money.
    You're telling us you have several Paypal account (this is illegal and can already get you banned) with fake names and addresses (even a bigger no-no which will get them even more infuriated).
    There is nothing we can do for you other than tell you that if you don't pay the debt, they will do whatever they can to get the money back. It might take 10 years but one way or another, they are coming for it.
    I just want to reiterate what Delusional said. They will come for the dollar and eventually this will bite you in the ass. our best bet really is to just clear the debts and deal with the loss.

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    No I don't think they will sue you.

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    Yes, PayPal will come after you. I would call them and see what you can do to resolve this.

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    Default Negative PayPal Accounts

    I'm somewhat confused from your post as to whether or not you actually owe the money, but definitely document everything that you can to prove that you don't owe the money if you truly don't.

    You could Google some information on the subject also just to see what kind of search results you get, which could be helpful in your particular situation, too.

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    I think you should contact them and try to get this problem sorted out. The worst thing you could do is to do nothing. Especially if the accounts were under your name. Contact them and see what they tell you.

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    I agree, they will come for every dollar so best to just resolve the issue to the best of your ability.


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