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Thread: What is happening to eBay?

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    Chris 3490 Guest

    Default What is happening to eBay?

    Ebay has today stopped my partners account after years of trading and thousands of positive feedback with 99.5 positive rating because she had one month of below standard dsr's and the two latest with barely any dsr's and clearly improving and working with ebay to improve listings, the customer support team are even shocked that the trust and safety team have made this decision and disagree with their decision! What is going on with ebay ?!

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    Unregistered Guest


    ebay seems to be cleaning house and suspending thousands of longtime users for no reason, I was among the 15,000 that was chopped last month. Not sure what they are up to but I don't tryst them anymore that's for sure.

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    Josh Guest


    I don't know what's happened to eBay but the protection they claim to provide does not exist. eBay blames it on paypal and paypal blames it on ebay. Sold a laptop on eBay, buyer decided to return the laptop using the Paypal dispute. Paypal instructed buyer to return laptop and refunded the buyer - I received a package with garbage in from the buyer, even after receiving a letter from the Police and the Australia Post to back up this, Paypal have made blocked my account and are expecting me to pay for the funds they returned to the buyer - The buyer has also disappered

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    Unregistered Guest


    It is Ebay that is giving me problems and I don't know what to do. They have suspended me over low DSR's even though I have been an excellent seller with excellent feedback for 12 yrs.

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    Tommy McClaren Guest


    Got kicked off e-Bay. PayPal charged me back on a transaction that took place 10 YEARS AGO. Of course I couldn't provide proof of shipping the product- who keeps shipping records 10 years or more? The account was almost zero, so I told them what they could do with their "collection" efforts for the balance of the negative amount!

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    Unregistered Guest


    ebay sucks!!! repeated calls, in excess of 10, to paypal and ebay re a useless purchase have had no result other than being shuffled between both, getting disconnected, repeating same info infinite times and wasting hours of valuable time on hold and being forced to hear lousy dispute resolution and dreadful customer service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!! demand a credit to my account after following all instructions.

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    Channing Guest

    Default hacked acc and I got to pay??

    my ebay account was hacked,, a payment for 500 was sent to hackers paypal address,, i talked with pp for hours on phone,, now they claim i am responsible to pay them the 500.00

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    Unregistered Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by Channing View Post
    my ebay account was hacked,, a payment for 500 was sent to hackers paypal address,, i talked with pp for hours on phone,, now they claim i am responsible to pay them the 500.00
    don't pay it, withdraw all your money from your paypal account, then close your bank account and report your credit card lost. That way paypal can't collect the money and you never have to deal with them again; win-win.

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    i think ebay and paypal is the same they are bunch of scammer

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    i bougth trough ebay 2 years ago with my regular over 150 feedbacks ebay account, i bought from a seller from china $1500 item and 2 days after i paid seller refused to ship, saying shipping cost was too high and he was not going to ship unless i accept cancel transaction request!!! i called ebay and they intermediately agreed to refund my money, ebay seller refused to ship on several ebay messages, so, they refund me in 2 ebay coupons, not with refunding my money i had to spend the coupons on ebay and it has to be in one seller only! i tried to find a seller who sells the same items at the same price, so it took time to find it, after 3 days, ebay closed my account because i had to cases according to them because it was too large the amount and they had to investigate, the account never was reactivate and i lost all the $1500 us because those coupons only could be used with that ebay account. so, thats my horror history. pretty horrible uh?


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