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Thread: Paypal don't contact me back

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    Default Paypal don't contact me back

    i am trying to contact paypal and every time i send them a e-mail the time to contact you back is longer and they don't contact you back. in the beginning the service was great but now the service is poor. it's my income and i rely on to provide for my family.please can some one help me?

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    Hated PayPal,

    Spent most of the day attempting to log in

    Wanted to change password - your web doesn't work except to make me furiou Tells me my secret info incorrect (incl. E-mail - but you sent me one !!!)

    Can't phone you or contact at all - no replies or help of any kind. Disapointed and wondering how your firm isn't bankrupt

    You suck PayPal!!!!!

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    It is like talking to a zombie at PayPal. Everything is always all right but nothing really works. I could never make a single purchase with PayPal after trying over 20 times. Could never talk to anyone that could clear up anything.


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