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Thread: was forced to close account because of Paypal fraud

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    Quote Originally Posted by SeanM View Post
    Sorry to hear that we see alot of this happening, especially for independent merchants, and not to the large online businesses...
    Its so sad to hear people being forced to do something like this after 15 years because of bad policies!

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    It's alarming how without your authority or permission they managed to get money out of your account. You can consider legal action against the buyer and paypal and try to recover your money plus damages and the cost of legal formalities. And while you're at it, approach your credit card company and seek their help too.

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    I would suggest not going to court as some people have told you to - because you will just end up with legal fees. The TOS and FAQ are very good about explaining how things like this happen. In a court of law that means that PayPal is golden while you are in the "wrong".

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    You might not have known this before, so here you go:

    "Paypal is not a bank." They're not regulated like a bank and don't have to behave like one.

    There is no way in the universe that anybody should use Paypal for anything more important that getting paid for junk you sold from your basement, on eBay, and even then it's a risk.

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    PayPal need to understand that without our transactions, they can not also make money. They should treat sellers with a lot of respect.
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