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Thread: About to get scammed, what do I do

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    Hannah Guest

    Default About to get scammed, what do I do

    I know I am about to get scammed by a buyer that will say she didn't get the camera I shipped her because she just threatened me with that over the phone. She said either I refund her half of what she paid or she will claim she never received it. What can I do?? I did have a tracking number showing that it was delivered but I don't have a signature confirmation, will that matter? I am being extorted is there anything I can do not to lose this case?

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    Gregory Guest


    be sure to upload the tracking information/number to paypal/ebay so they can see the item was delivered.

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    Unregistered Guest


    same thing happened to me and I lost the dispute but only after the buyer changed it from not received (since I could prove it was delivered) to not as described. I am so pissed off about this, how does an item gt from not being received to being not as described, which one is it? Paypal can go to hell

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default I was scammed but by paypal bit a buyer!

    Paypal double bills repeatedly. I haven't the time to go into detail running my record label, of how much money has been lost using PayPal when they double bill my account or say my account funds are too low and charge from both my PayPal balance AND MY BACKUP BANK ACCOUNT, ESSENTIALLY, DOUBLE BILLING ME!


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