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Thread: One false neg. feedback and it was all over for me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christina Nord View Post
    One negative feeback score on eBay should not result in the suspension of your PayPal account, is there more to the story?
    The issue is that the one feedback accused her of selling counterfeit goods.
    It may be only one feedback but it's a serious accusation and a violation of eBay policy.

    For example, eBay has a ban on selling Nazi paraphernalia, so if you got one feedback that stated you were selling Nazi stuff, that's all it would take, unless you can prove otherwise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Martha View Post
    I was a successful seller of Sports Jerseys on Ebay. I had all but one positive feedback. The one negative feedback I got was from someone who decided to say I was selling fake jerseys just for their enjoyment. In result to that, not only did my Ebay get suspended but also Paypal suspended my account and held my hard earned money for 6 months! I was devestated because I was saving up for my trip to Mexico in 3 weeks and now I can't even go
    I don't understand, if the accusation wasn't true, why did they suspend your account? There has to be something you can do to get it back, right?

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    That's horrible! I suspect it has to do with the fake jersey accusations more than the one negative feedback because there are plenty of eBay accounts that have some bad ratings. It is frightening that they would just do that based on one accusation without any investigation. I would contact them both and offer to provide proof that your jerseys are real. Also in future I would never leave 6 months of earnings in my PayPay account.


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