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Thread: Paypal is stopping me to use my credit card

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    I also have encountered Paypal not allowing me to pay for items twice when my account was unverified. I emailed them, and I was told that it's like system generated, and I was told to just wait for the error to be resolved. So I think they really randomly block payments sometimes. You should probably just wait for the error to be resolved or contact their customer support.

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    Default frustrated beyond belief!

    I've 2 sellers in ebay waiting for payment and I can't send them because Paypal is blocking my card. When I asked customer support why, they said it's because of security reasons and there's nothing they can do to help me. Wow, just wow!

    Prior to this, they'd asked me to confirm my credit card despite the fact that I've been using it for the past year without hiccups. Nevertheless, I followed their advice, the code went through and the refund for the confirmation charge is now showing on my Paypal account. But I'm still getting the same error message in ebay's checkout asking me to confirm my card. When I log in to Paypal, it says my card is confirmed!

    Paypal's Customer Support sucks, everyone I've spoken to sounded condescending, rude and in a hurry to end the call. I was on the phone for 2 hours trying to get someone to help me. I spoke to 7 different people - a rude guy from overseas named Shaun refused to get me a manager saying I'd just be told the same thing. When I insisted, he put me on hold for 18 minutes after which I got dead air and I had no choice but to end the call and try again. A Christine tried to connect me to someone in the US but I ended up waiting on hold for 30 minutes and no one took my call. A Wendy told me there's no manager available, everyone's on a meeting while a Julie told me I should just look for another way to pay my sellers.

    Again, wow. Just wow! I'm never using Paypal again. I feel sorry for my two sellers but I'm closing my eBay account too. Amazon's deals may not be as good as those in ebay but at least they provide excellent customer service.

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    the only way anyone should ever consider selling on eBay is with a ebay approved merchant account and not PayPal which ebay has full access to. With a merchant account eBay has NO way of getting a hold of your money.


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