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Thread: Is it or is it not possible to get paid on ebay without using paypal?

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    Outside of US = PayPal required. Inside of US = PayPal optional. This can suck, but I'm pretty sure they do this to track international scams.
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    It depends, in the US you can sell and buy without PayPal. I am not sure about the other countries but I think it is a must to keep the buyers safe.
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    of course you can. just search on the internet for a good merchant and use them. it's cheaper and better than using paypal. but you need to confirm this by calling or emailing ebay.

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    I think everyone on eBay should protest against using Paypal. If all US sellers turn away from Paypal all their customers wont mind using another source of payment. I've found that most customers don't care either way unless they are scammers. I switched over to a real merchant account that is 100% compatible with ebay. Ebay will tell you that you have to use Paypal because they own Paypal and want all the $$. I think I signed up through


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