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Thread: no protection for Sellers

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    Angry no protection for Sellers

    I sold a 5gr ingot of gold.. on the other evil sight (ebay) funds arrived to pay for the gold bar.. so I shipped the item to the address requested by the buyer... 3 weeks later paypal issued a Chargeback against my account for $324.00 after several phone calls.. they put the money back into my account (or so I thought) 2 weeks later out it comes again.. saying not to worry they are fighting the credit card company for me. (AMX) I use paypal because they promise it is safe for the seller and the buyer... well there is NO safety for the seller!

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    jonesing Guest


    did you ship to the verified paypal address or to another address provided to you by the seller? If you shipped to an address different then the one paypal has on file you forfeit your seller protection.

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    Sold mobile to eBay user. Payed via PayPal shipped to confirmed PayPal address, sent special delivery signed for. 3 months later charge back buyer says account was hacked.

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    Shady buyers giving low DTR s in all five areas even if I surpassed expectations in 4of the five soon after I listed some Tiffany items as soon as they sold I was "linked to mg wife's account and both were suspended on top of that they suspended my dads account he lives 55miles away all be Cuz before he had a account I bought a item for him and shipped it to his house

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    Even buyers, I for one lost money on that site and they didn't return my money back. That's the lesson I've learned and thus I became a skeptic with online shopping.


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