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Thread: 180 Limited account!

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    Default 180 Limited account!

    My Paypal account has been limited for 180 day's today!

    I wouldn't mind but the 352 in my Paypal was added to pay for special clothes for my newborn son, he has an extreme skin disorder, the clothes stop him from scratching to the point of him getting no sleep,bleeding and getting horrific infections infections.

    I honestly don't know what to do! Rocking him only helps temporarily!

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    i've been using paypal for over a year now, and using my credit card on it as payment method, then at a time that a friend of mine from US i just meet him to an online game and we became friends for 7 months, and after that bought an item to me and pay through paypal, then paypal limited my account asking a lot of info and i did send what they need, and still they send a message that it has a high risk of fraud so they closed my account for 180 days holding my $1,500 on it.. this is crazy!!!no explanation!!!


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