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Thread: Paypal sucks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sethky View Post
    That's pretty rare to see, not saying that it is false, just a rare case. But hey if they work for you know use it to your advantage just know though, for every advantage there are usually disadvantaged.
    It's not rare. There a billions of transactions on Paypal every day. Do you see billions of people complaining about Paypal? Apparently not if you look at the profit Paypal is making...

    Only people who have a problem with it, have no problem telling everyone. That's why you only see negative feedback about Paypal. I've used it for more than 5 years and I have never had a problem (from account verification to receiving/paying money, ...).

    What is strange is that people who get their account blocked, don't want to tell you what they are doing with it. That should raise some questions.

    On topic: It's normal they need you to verify the account above $100. Else, a lot a shady deals would be made through Paypal and no one would know.

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    Default oh my

    After all the posts and threads I have read on this website, it really seems that the Paypal group are a bunch of greedy conniving money grubbing so and so's.

    But I'll say this, I have never had any trouble with them, I have personally made 70 dollars this week through them and every penny of that is now residing in my bank account, maybe they just like picking on random people.

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    Unfortunately paypal is the fastest and easiest way for websites to accept money from international users. Paypal for some reason took over all other paying services which sucks ass because all those account freezing and lawsuits


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