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Thread: Won't fix their own mistakes

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    carmen4511 Guest

    Default Won't fix their own mistakes

    Pay pal sucks they have no customer service. They charged wrong card and will not even fix it. There is no where to complain so I am venting here. They are supposed to be safe to use wrong. Beware Paypal Sucks

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    Unregistered Guest


    Theyonly thing paypal is good for is false advertising. Got my account hacked 3 weeks after i singed up and have been fighting Paypal ever since.
    If you were to believe paypal they "never make mistakes" so there is nothing for them to fix. They are so full of shit when you call them.

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    Chamiqua Guest

    Default paypal won't stop overcharging me

    Paypal overcharged me 4x a month for a subscription. even after I spent 5 hours on the phone with them trying to get my money back or at least stop them from continuing to take money out of my bank account they debited my account 4x the next month. Unreal

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    Ben Guest


    Sold an item to a customer. After receiving the item the little rat claimed that someone had wrongfully used his account.
    Paypal reversed the payment without any communication or confirmation from me. I got an email saying this was going to be done and I would have 7 days to respond. This was reversed within a day.

    I was promised multiple call backs but was never called back. Awful service.

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    Unregistered Guest


    Paypal has on more then one occasion changed their records to erase any trace of them screwing up when I have all the proof printed out and saved as screen shots and they STILL deny wrong doing


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