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Thread: Shipping label problems

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    Laura Horn Guest

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    I was purchasing a shipping label with paypal. I got an error. No receipt came to my email. I tried again and bought a label. I saw two transaction and called ebay, but they only had one tracking on the item, so I called paypal they told me the money is already being refunded and will take 5 business days, its been 2 weeks and no money back, no receipt just a extra transaction on my credit card.

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    Unregistered Guest


    you need to call them again, squeaky wheel gets the oil and don't let them get away with taking your money. They try this kind of thing all the time.

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    Dina Guest


    I sold my first item on e-bay for 13.00. The buyer was to pay for shipping. When I got notice that the funds had been received by pay-pal I shipped the item. Instead of taking the money for shipping out of the money paid in they tried to take it out of my checking account. My checking account balance was close to 0, so I couldn't cover it. Now I have to pay 60.00 in fees to my bank when they had the funds in my paypal account all along.


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