I have a personal account with paypal which has been fine ever since ive had it.

I opened another account - a premier account. I used a fictitous name for this account.
I was receiving quiet a bit of money on it, once i reached the 1,900 receiving limit, they limited it.

I needed to add my bank details and verify...i cannot setup a direct debit with my bank as the name is fictitous and wont match.

I filled in a name change form - which got denied for some reason?

I was then told by email(which i still have) that i could create a new paypal account(with the correct name) and my funds could be transfered accross. I made a new paypal account.

I then emailed asking them how i could transfer the funds across, i receieved an automated reply stating my appeal had been rejected and i could now not appeal again. I didnt think i did appeal.

Out of nowhere, the other two accounts have been limited. I cant seem to get them unlocked.

So despite emailing me and stating something, they have gone back on that and not allowing me to do it. I have phoned them numerous times to have the phone hung up on me.

What would be my best option here?
Should i file for court?
Is it possible to speak to somebody higher up in paypal that doesnt just read off the computer?

Thank you for reading and any help.